Telling it simply
the stories of the Bible
By: H.S. Higgins

Hilary is one of our volunteers at The Vine and her first book goes on sale 31st January 2020. Hilary will be in The Vine bookshop on Friday 7th February 2020 12 noon to 2 pm to sign copies of this helpful and easy to use resource.

“New to the Bible? Need to get to grips with what it says but finding it just too big? Now you can become the Bible expert you would like to be.

This book contains virtually all the stories in the Bible. In fun and easy to read chunks. Quickly find out who is who and what they are doing. Use it as a reference along with your Bible in study groups to keep up with the flow.

Did you know Noah had a vineyard as well as an Ark? And the trouble it got him into?
Or why Balaam’s donkey suddenly turned round and started talking to him?
What part Nebuchadnezzar played in God’s plan and why God made him eat grass?
Jael’s murderous activities with a tent peg?
Paul and the runaway slave?
How Jesus paid his Temple tax bill?

Armed with this book you will quickly grasp the key facts that others are debating enthusiastically round you. Now you can join in. And even put them straight!

More importantly, this book will enable you to read the Bible itself easily. To understand God’s vital message for you, for life, for ever.”